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Sunday thoughts

“The greatest temporal and spiritual blessings which always flow from faithfulness and concerted effort, never attended individual exertion or enterprise. The history of all past ages abundantly attests this fact” (Joseph Smith).

This quote reminds me of the futility of the building up of myself, my career, and my mansion as my ultimate aims in life. There’s only one thing in life that’s worth doing: build Zion.

“Upon the cross he meekly died for all mankind to see that death unlocks the passageway into eternity” (“Upon the Cross of Calvary,” Vilate Raile). This passage really stuck out to me during Sacrament Meeting. I think it captures the true point of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a nutshell. If there’s one concern that looms in the mind of every living soul, it’s death. Christ came to earth not only to show us how to live but how to die. By experiencing death and coming back again, he showed and taught that death, far from the end, is “the passageway into eternity.” The more dismal one’s view on death is, it seems the more dismal his view on life is. But to believe that death is glorious thing makes life glorious. I choose glory. And if there is no afterlife, at least I’ll have had a glorious life.

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