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The subject of politics – banana eyes

On the subject of politics, I adore this quote by Heber J. Grant:

“I regret exceedingly that in political controversies men seem to lack that courtesy and that respect for their opponents that I believe all Latter-day Saints ought to have. I have never yet hear

d a Democrat make a political speech that I felt was fair to the Republicans. Being a Democrat, I shall not say anything about what I think of the speeches of Republicans regarding Democrats…From my own personal contact with dear and near friends, Republicans and Democrats, I have not been able to discover the exercise of what you might call charity, if you like, for the opinions of others who oppose them politically; at least not as much charity as should exist among our people.”
On a more serious note, tonight my brother Eric came over, and we dared ourselves to put banana chunks in our eye sockets, and go to neighbor’s houses saying, “Hi, I have banana eyes,” using silly voices. Teresa was very much against this to the point of hiding the bananas. I succeeded in stealing a banana, however, and Eric and I went in spite of Teresa’s threatenings and rash avowals. When we got to the neighbor’s house, and it was almost 10:00 PM, I’m proud to say that Eric chickened out first. In retrospect, it’s probably best that we didn’t do it. Teenagers pulling pranks like that is cute, but 29 year old guys could give people nightmares.

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  1. Wonderful quote. It feels like a very modern development, but I feel like political party affiliation has become increasingly tied to spirituality. In certain wards it has been very difficult not being hard-line Republican in the Church. I like that President Grant used the words “respect”, and “charity” in the same thought. It’s been on my mind a lot lately but it seems like many are far too stingy with their respect for others. We feel like it needs to be earned before we can treat others as human beings. Nowhere else is this as evident as in politics and religion where, upon hearing a differing opinion, the far too common phrase is “they’ve been brainwashed.”

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