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Well, I’m no longer cramming to finish an album or prepare for a concert, so I no longer have an excuse for not writing posts. The coolest thing as of late is that, in just about twenty-four hours since debuting our new music site last night, we’ve gotten over 70 completely unsolicited social media shares. I have no idea who most of these people are. They must actually like us or something.

While the concert on Thursday wasn’t as well attended as we would have hoped, and while we had more technical difficulties than we would have liked, there were, nonetheless, a handful nerdy couples who stayed till the end, digging and dancing to our grooves and making the night a fun experience. I want to thank Berin Stephens and my brother Brian Gashler for joining in with their amazing saxophone and guitar skills. We were able to give away around seventy albums at LTUE. While, in the wake of the stress of cramming for it all, a few of the tracks make me cringe … hey, we’ve got an album, and that ain’t bad. And with lots of people sharing our music on their Facebook walls, we’ve gotten the motivation to refine, remix, and take our skills to the next level. That is a great blessing.

What fun. Life is good. Great thing lie ahead. Callooh callay!

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