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Our Advenure at Utah’s Biggest Liar 2015

It wasIMG_0959 an evening full of intrigue and suspense. There were so many brilliant storytellers and fantastic stories. Our six-year-old Ariah told her story about the time she accidentally let a cheetah out of her imagination in ballet class. She took first place and the Audience Choice award.

Our three-year-old Aspen (holding the record for the youngest competitor) told about the time her baby brother Percy accidentally fell into a chocolate cake and became a cake monster. It was hard to see her struggle to remember the story over long, silent gaps. After the fact, she told us with pride that she’d followed daddy’s advice to put more pauses into her story. (Head-smacking moment.) Mysteriously, she’d decided to surprise us by never following this advice until the actual performance. Though she was still adorable, and the audience loved her.

Teresa was smooth and entertaining in her story about Elmer the evil puppet. I had the burden of going very last, which meant I had to suffer the longest period of butterfly attacks. I told my National-Treasure-esque story about searching for the holy grail of Utah Valley. I took second place and the Audience Choice Award.

One storyteller joked that our family had the deck stacked. Fair enough.


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