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Wandering away – love = chastizement

I played the cello at a musical celebration of the Mormon pioneers put on by my stake.

I have the feeling that I should record something profound I learned in Sacrament Meeting, but alas, I was too busy thinking about JavaScript at the time to soak up anything. I remember it being profound, though. Alas, I fit among the rank and file of those who have turned church into a dead ritual. I need to repent.

Actually I do remember a talk from a high counsel man, who emphasized the duty of parents to not shirk from their responsibilities in order to avoid negative attitudes from their children. Parenting is not a popularity contest, and sometimes the only way to show love is to chastize. True love cannot support self-destructive behavior. I wonder if I’ve been guilty of stepping back and preaching tolerance when someone close to me needed a firm hand. There’s definitely a tough balance there. Let the Spirit guide.

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