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Winco exposed!

Tonight I went to Winco to pick up some honey. Winco is especially great for honey because it has wooden boxes with live bees inside, and you’re able to extract their honey through a spigot. When I began to fill up a container, the honey was coming out extra slow. An employee came along and helped me tip the box, causing the honey to come faster. She said, “I’d better go get the ladder and fill up the honey.” This wasn’t making sense. But not wanting to believe in the threat to my bubble, I said, “But how do you keep the bees from coming out.” She informed me that there are no bees and that she was heartbroken too when she found out. Winco has been lying to us.

3 thoughts on “Winco exposed!

  1. That’s what I thought. There really ARE live bees in there… I almost touched one, on accident! It was resting on a coffee label, right next to the hive. Yikes! At least, there are live bees where I shop.

    I think it depends on if the store has a local beekeeper or not.

    If there’s someone qualified to keep bees, then they have live bees. If no one around meets requirements, no raw honey. That’s my understanding of it.

  2. Wincos honey dispensaries are a gimmick to try and get people to buy there corrupted honey. It’s fake!

  3. Bees need flowers to make honey. Unless there are fields of flowers at your winco there are not live bees. Its pretty simple logic. Just because there aren’t bees in the honey area doesn’t mean it’s not real honey.

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