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Wives who force husbands to shop for clothes

Tonight Teresa insisted that she wanted to be my fashion consultant at the University Mall in Orem. I insisted that I absolutely detested shopping for clothes, and she parried this with my oft-quoted motto: “do what  you hate”.  So we went to the mall, and after she had selected a pile of shirts for me to try on, we found out that the dressing rooms were locked. Teresa flagged down an employee, who fetched a key with which to open the dressing rooms. As we waited, another guy got in line behind us. Teresa said to him, “Hey, you’re trying out the same shirt that my husband is.” I added, “Only your wife isn’t forcing you like mine is.”

He responded, “Actually, she is.” Then he pointed to the employee who was opening the dressing rooms. “She’s my wife.”

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  1. That’s hilarious. I love it.

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