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Wreck it Ralph wrecked my ears

Tonight we saw Disney’s Wreck it Ralph. My biggest complaint was the volume. Somehow I got situated in the “ideal” space in the theater, mid center, and I’d never had such an ear-splitting experience. On the rare occasions I attend movie theaters, I’m almost always near the front or off to the side, either because I’m perpetually late or because I purposely came late in order to miss the previews, of which I always resent being marketed to for twenty minutes after paying for admission, not to mention the insulting mindlessness of it all. The sheer volume blew my mind, and I continued to marvel at it for hours afterward as my ears ached. Are we all going deaf?

As for the movie, I give it a B+. It was another installment in Hollywood’s never-ending theme of “accept yourself for who you are”, though this one was better presented than most. The opening of the movie was especially magical, taking me to the video game world beyond the TV screen I’d dreamed of as a kid. My biggest complaint was that the story spent too long in Candy Land, whereas I wanted to explore more of the vast video game frontier. The original Tron did a better job at this.

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